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Professional Deck Builders Annapolis, MD

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If you are dreaming of creating eye-popping wooden decks that extend to your backyard and can be utilized during summer evenings, we can make it a reality at PRG Home Improvement. We are trusted Annapolis deck builders, and licensed contractors specializing in premium deck construction as part of our comprehensive home remodeling services. 

We specialize in creating stunning wooden decks that seamlessly blend with your home and extend into your backyard, providing the perfect space for summer relaxation and outdoor gatherings.   

deck building contractor in gambrills

Why Choose PRG Home Improvement? 

We are confident that we can build you a deck that exceeds your expectations. 

  • Premier Deck Building Company in Annapolis, MD :At PRG Home Improvement, we take great pride in our experience and expertise in deck building. We have served the Annapolis area for over a decade. We have a proven track record of delivering great results for our clients. 

  • We Take Care of the Deck Building Permissions :Building a deck in Annapolis requires getting the needed permits. You get them from the local government. We understand this process can be complex and time-consuming. PRG can guide you at every step.

  • Expert Wood Deck Builders in Annapolis :We offer many deck materials. But, wood is still popular for its beauty and versatility. PRG Home Improvement uses only the highest-grade pressure-treated lumber to ensure your deck is built to last. 

  • We Help You Design Your Dream Deck :We believe that communication is key to a successful deck-building project. Our team collaborates intensely to grasp your vision, lifestyle, and budget. 

Here are some key factors to consider during the design phase: 

  • Deck Size and Layout: Consider the amount of space you have available and how you plan to use the deck. Will you be entertaining large groups or enjoying intimate gatherings? 

  • Deck Shape: Rectangular decks are a classic choice, but you can also explore more unique shapes to fit your space and preferences. 

  • Multi-Level Decks: If your backyard has uneven terrain, a multi-level deck can create a stunning and functional space. 

  • Built-In Features: Do you want to incorporate features like benches, railings, planters, or even a built-in grill or bar area? 

deck building contractor in gambrills

We can help you visualize your dream deck with the help of 3D design software. This allows you to see how your deck will look in your backyard before construction begins. 


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